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Payment: This is due upon collection of your cat/cats from the cattery or delivery back of your cat/cats if using our collection and delivery service - cash or cheque only (Cards are not accepted).  Guests are charged per day or per part day per chalet - NOT per night - (please see Tariff section below for prices) which includes the drop off day and the collection day or the pick up day and the delivery back day if using our collection and delivery service.

Part days are chargeable as full days as we cannot use a chalet for another cat/s on these part days as drop off may be earlier and pick up may be later than arranged therefore we could end up being double booked! Along with the clearing, cleaning (total disinfection) and setting up of the chalet for the next guest/s, which takes a couple of hours.

Overnight stays - count as two part days so chargeable as two full days as per above.

Insurance: This is provided for the duration of your cat’s stay; please kindly note that this does not cover any veterinary bills incurred if your cat falls unwell whilst in our care (please see the "Unwell" section listed below).
Payment Policy We charge per day or per part day for your actual booking dates, if you pick up your cat/s early then we still have to charge for the other booked in days as these days cannot be rebooked. We always check the departure date for all cats upon their arrival.
Cancellations: Made within 48 hours of due arrival may incur a payment of 50% of the booked in boarding fee.
Opening Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm every day except Christmas Day but preferably we prefer drop-offs, collections and viewings by appointment so that we can give you our total undivided attention but we will also try our best to fit in with you when you would like to visit.  We are closed on Christmas Day for delivery and collections but rest assured guests who are staying with us over Christmas will get presents and all the trimmings!
Vaccination Certificates: All visiting cats must be vaccinated against and be up-to-date with the vaccinations of Feline Influenza and Enteritis along with vaccination certificates being brought along upon arrival or pickup (this is a requirement of our licensing by Sedgemoor District Council).
Unwell: If a cat falls ill when with us or appears in our opinion to be unwell we will immediately call our local veterinary practice (Polden Hills Veterinary Centre Ltd at Cossington) or immediately take the cat there for inspection/diagnosis.  Owners will be liable for any veterinary fees incurred.  We do have a separate isolation chalet for an unwell cat.

Per day or part day – all year round:

From 1st January 2021:

Each single cat in a single chalet = £10

If sharing a chalet:
2 cats =£18
3 cats = £24
4 cats =£32
5 cats = £40
6 cats = £48

Over 6 cats tariff to be advised

IMPORTANT - Only cats from the same household can be housed together – owners will need to sign for this as this is a requirement by the licensing requirements of Sedgemoor District Council.

Collection/ Delivery Charges: £1 per mile each way per trip.

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